Rag Tree Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L) combines therapeutic interventions with a more innovative component involving relationships and activities with horses.

E.A.L is a collaborative effort between a facilitator, an equine professional and a horse. Our facilitators focus is on the participants interactions with the horse while the equine professional will focus on the horses interactions with the participants.  

It is experiential in nature - i.e. participants learn about themselves, others and their interpersonal interactions by engaging in activities with horses.

Participants then in turn process the feelings, emotions and behaviours experienced - with the help of the facilitator.

It is important to stress that E.A.L generally does not involve riding or horsemanship skills. 

The interactions focus on applying certain skills - nonverbal communication, assertiveness, leadership, problem solving and taking responsibility. It is also important to stress that Rag Tree see our work as complementary to existing interventions and education systems, not as "instead" of.

We aim our programmes at consolidating learning, optimising the integration of ideas and possibly being the key to some insights and learning which may not have been possible through other interventions.